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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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FPW's descriptions of these collections were frequently very extensive. As FPW worked in a holistic and associative way, many of these collections include material on diseases, conditions, and general subjects not obvious from the heading. FPW's full descriptions can be found inside the front cover of volumes, and where written on the front of the envelope containing the papers, can be found inside the first file of the collection in question. However, some bundles of material were found either without any descriptive text or in a damaged envelope with only fragmentary text remaining legible. The arrangement of this section is alphabetical, mainly by subject of collection (picked out in bold). As there were some conditions for which a significant number of volumes and bundles on various aspects survived (e.g. syphilis, tuberculosis), these have been grouped together under this main heading. Keywords have been added to assist searching.



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