Modern Trends in Dermatology

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Necrobioses, atrophies, scleroses, infiltrations, and accumulations in the skin and subcutaneous tissue--reprinted from Mackenna's 'Modern Trends in Dermatology' (London 1948). Synoviomata with lipoid contents. Dietetic effects on general nutrition (continuation). Notes, cuttings, etc re subject of non-tuberculous erythema induratum (Whitfield). Bazin's (?tuberculous) erythema induratum and 'erythrocyanosis crurum frigida feminarum'. Gargoylism (Dawson). Hanthamatosis etc. Niemann Pick Disease in a Foetus Oct 1953 J Path and Bact. Case of Weber and Freudenthal (1943): cutaneous and subcutaneous nodules with juxta-articular infiltration and rheumatoid symptoms (compare Br J Derm 1955 June). Reference to this by Davies and Wood in: So-called reticulo-histiocytoma of the skin--a comparison of two distinct types. 27th April 1957 Whipple's Disease Brit Med Journ. Reticulohystiocytosis F P Weber letter to Br Med J July 1957 Vol II p 103 (is put in Modern Trends in Dermat in this packet)



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