Steatorrhea, sprue (including European sprue) and fatty diarrhoea (and coeliac disease in adults) with or without anaemia, with or without tetany. Folic acid therapy

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Also coeliac disease in children. 'Coeliac rickets', especially of late development, some cases apparently associated with a dermatosis rather like seborrhoeic dermatitis (FPW). Megalocytic hyperchronic anaemia in idiopathic steatorrhea (coeliac disease)--marmite therapy. Also re primary cancer of small intestine (for comparison) re the question of supposed 'idiopathic steatorrhea' in adults. Also re intestinal stenosis with severe (macrocytic pernicious) anaemia and 'pernicious' anaemia from various intestinal or other visceral changes, and question of 'pernicious anaemia' without gastric achylia. Tetany in adults, with or without steatorrhea (see also my collection on Tetany etc). Also (for comparison) gastro-jejuno-colic fistula, with megalocytic anaemia, simulating sprue. Steatorrhea due to lymphatic obstruction and differential diagnosis. Intestinal lipodystrophia ('Whipple's disease')--mesenteric chyladenactasis with steatorrhea.



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