Palindromic Rheumatism and--especially allergic--phenomema bearing on the subject

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Varieties of urticaria and angioneurotic oedema. Also on 'Reiter's syndrome' ('Reiter's disease'). Newest addition (with letters American University Hosp Beirut Lebanon) Prof Hobart, A Reimann. "Periodic arthralgia in 23 members of 5 generations of a family" 1951 Journ Americ Assoc Vol 1946, pp 713-7 and letter from Dr Reimann 1949 and 1953 and on Periodic Peritonitis 1954. "A fatal attack of cyclic vomiting" Dr R J K Brown King's Coll Hosp Children's Dept.

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9/57 (a) Lord Dawson's case of Colonel Pam (for comparison) with notes and cuttings re family tendency to kodonychia and re 'palindromic rheumatism' {Dr E G L Bywaters complete account (with necropsy) of the case, 14 May 1948

9/57(b) (For comparison) Reiter's disease--triad of non-specific urethritis, keroto-conjunctivitis of unknown aetiology, and 'palindromic rheumatism': It is possibly a form of dysenteric polyarthritis? But the syndrome, when of venereal origin, may be termed 'non-gonococcal polyarthritis' or the 'non-gonococcal syndrome'

9/57 (c) Intermittent hydrarthrosis etc'



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