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Arrested Pulmonary tuberculosis 1904

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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This includes also some notes etc on arrested or 'obsolete' tuberculosis (at all events, arrested pulmonary tuberculosis) from a Life Assurance point of view--and some questions of quiescent pulmonary tuberculosis and occult or masked or latent tuberculosis in regard to life and accident insurance (but see also my collections on 'Traumatic tuberculosis etc'). Also notes on Life Assurance in persons who live with or have lived with consumptives: but on this and heredity of tuberculosis, underweight and fragile appearance--see my collection on 'Heredity of Tuberculosis etc'. Also the subject of 'carriers' of tubercule bacilli, not themselves suffering from active pulmonary tuberculosis, but liable by their sputum to disseminate the disease, just as the so-called 'carriers' of enteric fever (typhoid fever) may produce an epidemic of enteric fever by their faeces, which contain the bacillus (of typhoid fever) of Ebirth. Also on the subject: latent tuberculosis in the sense of there being no macroscopic or microscopic anatomical-pathological (or rather pathological anatomical) tuberculous changes at the post mortem examination. This includes notes and cuttings on Recurrent Attacks of Pneumonia in the neighbourhood or not of an old tuberculous lesion--Also cross reference to the subject of 'epituberculosis' etc. This contains also notes and cuttings on 'senile tuberculosis' and tuberculosis commencing apparently in old age. Notes and cuttings (early in this volume) on question of arrested or calcified miliary tuberculosis of lungs--with some actual (not arrested) cases, for comparison; also chronic passive pulmonary congestion of lungs radiographically simulating miliary tuberculosis, and other miliary diseases of the lungs (for comparison)--pleura or peritoneum. Cuttings etc: sclerosis and calcification of tuberculous lesions are not be confused...



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