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Parkes Pamphlet Collection: Volume 2

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Frederick Roberts, Recruiting & Recruits, 1852.

W.A. Guy, Sanitary condition of the Army, 1858.

Frederick Roberts, On the developement of military offences, 1853.

C.A. Gordon, Military surgery, n.d.

Captain J. Grant, New system of cooking for the Army, 1860.

Lt. Col. Tulloh, Some account of the Brigade of Hospital Conveyance, 1854.

H.B. Franklyn, Report on the Cholera in the Island of Mauritius, 1856.

H.B. Franklyn, Anatomical researches of the French Committee into the maladies of the Eastern Army, 1856.

Jones Lamprey, Infantry soldier in the tropics, 1852.

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, 1855.

Dr. F. de Chaumont, Notes of Cases, 1858.

G.L. Bonnar, Half-Yearly Medical Report of 5 County Prisons, 1858.

C.J. Kirwan, Notes on the dispatch of troops by sea, 1859.

The Edinburgh Medical & Surgical Journal, 1849.

Monthly journal of Medical Science, 1853.

J.M. Fleming, Acute Ophthalmia, 1861.

Arthur Leared, Imperfect Digestion, n.d.

Erasmus Wilson, The Anatomist Vade-Mecum, 1861.

Professors Carpenter, Busk, Huxley & others, The Natural History Review, n.d.

J.M. Fleming, Practical remarks on the Endemic Dysentery of Colombo, 1860.

Gavin Milroy, The health of the Royal Navy, 1862.

Report of the commissioners appointed to enquire into the regulations affecting the Sanitary Condition of the Army, the organisation of Military Hospitals, and treatment of the sick & wounded, 1858.

Robert Hunter Semple, Cough, it's causes, varieties and treatment, 1858.

The Army Medical Warrant, 1858.

W.F. Wade, Observations on Diptheria, 1858 - Not found in volume, October 2008.

J. Mouat, Annual return of the sick and wounded of the king's Hussars, 1845.

W.A. Hughes, Nagpore Fever, 1834.

John Murray, Acute Inflamatory Disease, n.d.

Dr. Mouat, Observations & Statistical Tables, n.d.

Records of the Medical Board, Madras troops during the Burmese War, n.d.

Saline Enemata in Cholera, 1838.

James Irving, Cases of Dysentery treated by Enemata of Warm Water, 1822.

Dr. Herapath, Case of Ovarian Cyst, n.d.

Dr. MacFadyen, Medical Topography as applicable to Lunatic Asylums, n.d.

Dr. R. Paterson, Case of foreign body in the Oesaphagus, n.d.

James Stark, Report on mortality of Edinburgh & Leith, 1848.

G.R. Dartnell, A discription of a new improved truss, with a few remarks on Hernia, 1849.

The late Sir James McGrigor., n.d.

Philip Bourjeaurd, On spiral elastic compression in the practice of Medicine, Surgery & Midwifery, 1858.



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A digitised copy is held by the Wellcome Library.

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Open and available by appointment at the Museum of Military Medicine. A digitised copy is available to view via the online catalogue on the Wellcome Collection website.


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