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Parkes Pamphlet Collection: Volume 58. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Source: Wellcome Collection.


The original material is held at The Museum of Military Medicine.

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A Lay Lecture on Sanitary Matters. 1871.

Address on Health, by J.A. Symonds. 1869.

Opening remarks by the President of the Public Medicine Section of the British Medical Association. 1870.

Some population statistics for the Sanitary Organisation, by Henry W. Rumsey. 1870.

On the Religion of Health, by Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. 1871.

Laws affecting the Public Health in England, by Henry W. Rumsey. 1870.

Annals de Conservatoire, Imperial des arts et Metiers. n.d.

The probagation of Enteric fever, by T. Clifford Allbut. 1870.

Report on the proper principles of Drainage, Home Department. 1868.

Sanalifirung von Berlin. 1870.

The Sewage question settled, by the "Native Guano Co.Ltd.". 1869.

New Water Supply, by Dougald Campbell. 1869.

Typhoid fever in Islington, by Edward Ballard. 1871.

Epidemic of Small-pox in Bhurtpoor, by Robert Harvey. 1870.

Enteric fever, by T.G. MacLagan. 1867.

Report of the City of Glasgow Fever Hospital, by Dr. J.B. Russell. 1869.

British Guano, by Francis Taylor. 1864.

Scarlatina Sanitary Precautions, by James B. Hutchins. 1869.

Supplementary report of the Mortality experience of the Scottish equitable Life Assurance Society, by William Robertson. 1866.

LanSemoule, by Joseph Brunet. 1869.

On the application of physiological test for the certain organic poisons especially digitaline, by C.Hilton Fagge & Thomas Stevenson. 1865.

The necessity for a Clinical Nomenclature of Disease, by W. Moxon. n.d.

Human Eyes in Health & Disease, by C. Hader. n.d.

The antiseptic system of treatment, by Joseph Lister. 1870.

Remarks on a case of compound dislocation of the ankle, by Joseph Lister. 1870.

Observations on Ligature of Arteries, by Joseph Lister. 1869.

Pulmonary Disease, by Edward Headlam Greenhow. 1868.

Chemical methods of treating the excreta of towns, by Edward C.C. Stanford. 1869.



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Open and available by appointment at the Museum of Military Medicine. A digitised copy is available to view via the online catalogue on the Wellcome Collection website.

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A digitised copy is held by Wellcome Collection.


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The original material is held at The Museum of Military Medicine.

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