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Parkes Pamphlet Collection: Volume 48. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Source: Wellcome Collection.


The original material is held at The Museum of Military Medicine.

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Enteric fever in Campaigns, by A.M. Davies. 1891.

Cavalry Field Hospitals, by Surg. Capt. Bruce Seton. n.d.

Milk-Scarlatins, Reports to the Local Government Board. 1886.

Transactions of the South Indian Branch of the British Medical Association. 1895.

The Brighton Life Table, by Arthur Newsholme. 1893.

Report on a mission to Paris, by Sir. T. Longmore. 1890.

Report on the Feverss of Cyprus, by Dr. F.C. Heidenstam. 1896.

Technique of Haffkine's Anti-Cholera Inoculations, by W.M. Haffkine, E.F. Hankin -- Br. Charles H. Owen. 1894.

The Identification of the Individual, by Dr. C.H. Alden. 1896.

Epidemiology, by A. Davidson. n.d.

Report on Horse Breeding in France, by Veterinary-Major Matthews. 1893.

Some joint diseases of the Horse, by Vet-Capt. F. Smith. n.d.

A Chemists View of the Sewage Question, by Edward C.C. Stanford. 1869.



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Open and available by appointment at the Museum of Military Medicine. A digitised copy is available to view via the online catalogue on the Wellcome Collection website.

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A digitised copy is held by Wellcome Collection.


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The original material is held at The Museum of Military Medicine.

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