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This is the second strand of interviews from the Oral History of the Wellcome Foundation Ltd and Burroughs Wellcome Company, funded by the Wellcome Trust c2000. There is some duplication of interviewees between this series and WF/M/AV/O/03.

Numbers 1-31 are with American employees and 33-51 are with UK employees. The interviews were conducted by Dr Michael Collins for Prof Roy Church. Laurie Petty was interviewed jointly by Dr Collins and Dr Gerald Connolly: this interview is held as WF/M/AV/O/03/26.

The tape of the interview with RC Devereux, conducted on 8 Aug 2001 - WF/M/AV/O/02/34 - was marked as faulty and therefore no transcript was made before transfer to the Wellcome Library. Subsequent investigations revealed that the interference on the recording was so bad that it could not be restored digitally and so the tape was deaccessioned and destroyed.

Dates given are the dates of the interview(s).

A summary of topics, people and products discussed during the interview is provided at item level. Interviewees were generally asked about their impressions of the company; the leadership styles of the various chairmen/CEOs; the process of research, product development and drug pricing; the relationship between the UK and USA companies; and the relationship with the WT.

The interviews were transcribed and the transcription sent to the interviewee for comment and consent form to be signed. In many cases, the interviewee made corrections. Therefore, the recording may differ from the transcript. The transcript should be viewed as the authorised version..

** PLEASE NOTE: the recordings of the interviews are in the process of being transferred to the Moving Image & Sound Library. Once this has been completed, the recordings will be available via this department. Relevant details will appear on this record.**

Abbreviations: FDA - Food and Drug Administration, US Dept of Health NIH - National Institutes of Health WT - Wellcome Trust



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There were two different arrangements applied to this material: by tape number, and therefore chronological and a filing stucture imposed on the transcripts. The former has been retained in this catalogue.

. The filing structure was: File 1: Iris Evans; Fred A Coe; Bill Sullivan; Ted Haigler; Phil Tracy; Thomas Kennedy; Clealand Baker; James Feathers; Peter Howsam

File 2: Clifford Parish; John Bowdish; Joe Whitehead; Dr Howard Schaeffer; Dr David Barry; Harry Leslie, James Murphy and Don Duff; Leslie Watson; Prof Joseph Pagano; Thomas Krenitsky

File 3: Norm Halleman; Don Donelson; Terry George; Glover Brasfield; Bill Regan; Bruce Lesser; Ron Cabassa; Gail Schrader; H Bruce Glover

File 4: Prof D Carr Agyapong; Rolly Simpson; Martha Peck; Sir John Vane; Dr Peter Williams; JMT Cochrane; John Bowler; David Godfrey File 5: Joan Cole; Sandie Frelick; Sir William Castell; Dr Laurie Petty [available as WF/M/AV/O/03/26]; Paul Brewin; Meg Garton; Prof Ronald Cresswell; Sir Richard Sykes File 6: Peter Hobbs; Sir Graham Hearne; JF Lever; Sir Roger Gibbs; JR Precious; Sir Alfred Shepperd; Personal Summary 1; Personal Summary 2

Copyright note

Copyright assigned to the Wellcome Trust in most cases. Where a consent form was not returned, copyright remains with the interviewee and their heirs. This is indicated on the individual catalogue record.

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Please see main WF collection description (ref. 'WF').


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