Dartford Photographic Prints

c1843 - c 1994
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The photographic prints collected by the Marketing Department were used for illustrations in printed advertising material, or for inclusion in publications such as Foundation News. The images and information were collected, often in advance of being required by the Department, with the most popular topics being covered. This makes this series a wonderful source for researchers. As these are operational copies, many of the prints have been amended or marked up with manuscript annotations giving instructions for printing. There are some textual items included (copies of text to accompany print, instructions to printers, covering memos to printers, press releases, indices of who or what was the subject of the photograph etc.). Also included are negatives, contact prints, 35 mm slides etc.Some of the prints have some or all of the following on the reverse: copyright ownership, date, negative reference number, title or description of image.

The prints fall into two main sections, the first section is 'Staff', the scond section is 'Subject'.

Arranged by person in individual folders, and in approximate alphabetical order by surname (this was not strictly followed in the original series). Each folder contains portrait or posed photographs, press releases and press cuttings, organisational circulars and obituaries. All of this material was in the public domain at the time of creation and is therefore open to researchers without restriction. The organisation indicated in the description field was the person's employer.'Extent' gives the number of folders (1 Item) and the number of prints or press cuttings (5 subitems).

This second set of material is arranged alphabetically by subject and covers a wide range of sites, products and people, including: AGM's, Awards, AIDs (& HIV), Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Beckenham (Wellcome Physiological Research Laboratories), Brockwell Hall, Calmic, Dartford, Explorers, Medicine Cases, Pirbright and Pesticides, Overseas Sites, Products, Founders, Unicorn.


c1843 - c 1994

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147 boxes

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Duplicates removed, otherwise all surviving items retained.

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Please see main WF collection description (ref. 'WF').

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