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**PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SERIES IS NOT FULLY CATALOGUED AND IS NOT YET FULLY AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC. RESEARCHERS WITH ENQUIRIES SHOULD CONTACT THE MANUSCRIPTS AND ARCHIVES DEPARTMENT** The following categories exist at present (these may alter as cataloguing progresses and the arrangement is clarified): ABH Brief History set [See also WPH/PR 23, WPH/PR 172, WPH/NEG 25.] A -- Photograph Albums B -- Beckenham Photograph Library DM - 'Dartford Museum' set G -- Greenford Photograph Library H -- Accession 88/12 Negs & Glass negs from John Reader, Dartford IPE -- In Pursuit of Excellence set, prints and negatives used for 1980 book of that name [See also WPH/PR 171-2, WPH/NEG 25.] MF -- Microfilm ND -- Negatives from Dartford [Note: a fuller list of Wellcome archive accession 88/12, which apparently covers some of the Dartford 'H series' negatives in WPH/NEG 19-21, is filed with this one.] WPH/NEG 7-18 boxed by SJAF, former GlaxoWellcome archivist 1996-2000. NP Negatives - Photomicroscopy from Beckenham PB -- Prints from Beckenham PR -- Prints RF Roll film SL --- Slides [WPH/SL 1-10 boxed by SJAF] V - Various small collections of negatives and prints In most cases, items in each category had been arranged by subject - person, site or activity. The categories IPE and ABF include previously existing, photographic images used to illustrate company publications; the DM category relates specifically to the Wellcome Museum at the Dartford site c.1989. Some of the abbreviations used in the box content listings have been expanded. The photographs (originals and copies) date from the late 19th century to the 1990s.



Physical description

207 boxes plus 6400 images plus 57 rolls of film


This note was written by Sarah Flynn prior to its deposit at the Wellcome Library in 2003: There was a box list produced largely from the contents listings written onto the boxes when they were at the former Wellcome archives. Contents of boxes have in most cases not been checked and descriptions may be incomplete or misleading. Author: Sarah Flynn, Archivist (Historical Records) Date compiled: March 1998 Amended: September 1998; October 1999

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Please see main WF collection description (ref. 'WF').

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