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Arranged by subject in alphabetical order. Images in black and white and colour photography.

Folder 1. Septran - colour negatives and slides for promotion of Septran include a slide of 'Septran Forte Wellcome' taken for the an. report, 1991.

Folder 2 Septrin - Acc89/1; Acc88/14; Acc89/43; c. 1988. product packaging, boxes, tablets and information; tablet punches. There is an image of a student dispensing Septrin at Jigalong, the centre of Western Australia. There are 5 colour negatives.

Folder 3. Sudafed - images include product packaging such as boxes and tablets and Sudafed products - Sudafed 'Expectorant', Linctus, decongestant tablets, Elixir, Severe cold formula and product literature. Other images include the skating and gymnastics spectacular, winter 1992 with some identified skaters including Michelle Berube, Rosalynn Sumners and group shots of other ice skaters.

Folder 4. 'Tabloid' - photographs include Tabloid products - Quinine Bisulphate, 'Tabloid' Quinine Hydrochlor bottle of tablets and box, dated on reverse 1929, Empira, Laxative vegetable, Pleated Bandage, Cotton hydrophile, Absorbent Cotton, Pepana, Hexanine, Cascara Sagrads, Examine, Soda Mint, Ink, Compressed Pure Tea, image of 'Tabloid' de Fabrique Compose de Quinine et de Rhubarbe', bottle, inscription on reverse of image 'Central African Journal of Medicine, Story in F News, July 1970'. Window displays of 'Tabloid' Photographic Chemicals, including 'Rytol' and Exposure Calculator.

Folder 5. 'Tabloid' Imitations and related images - include 'Tabloid' Quinine Bisuplate and Chinese imitation; imitation 'Tabloid' trade mark on Cascara Sagrada bottle, imitation 'Hazeline Snow'. Other images include blowguns and darts from South America- peripheral reference to 'Tabloid' hypodermic curane. There are packing materials including cartons and samples of tablet shapes and a suggested new bottle design for Kepler, dated 1948.

Folder 6. Thymune - Thymune - M and Thymune - T product information and display via colour photography.

Folder 7. Tineafax - New packaging, 'a fresh look' for 1981 given to Tineafax, ointment for athletes foot , black and white images.

Folder 8. Tracrium - neuromuscular blocking agent. photo's and negatives include packaging of Tracrium; ladies on packaging line checking tablets prior to packaging them; images of phials and Tracrium product advertising.

Folder 9.S-T Folder (where individual files do not exist) includes the following:Semprex - container and tablet.Septra I V - Infusion bottles and packaging.Sketofax - liquid insect repellent bottles and containers.Silastic Gel - 89/1 image showing parts of a woman's body.Soamin - and 'Soloid' Corrosive sublimate- poison bottles.Tannafax - c.1960 image of a lady packaging Tannafax with transotape.Trivetria - "Scissors" black and white negative.

Folder 10. Vaccines - Includes the following- Cholera Vaccines - phials and Rubella vaccine phials. Flu vaccine 89/43 being administered. Sabin-type oral polio vaccine on sugar being administered to a boy. M-M-R II. phial packaging. Yellow Fever inoculation, waiting room c.1947 and production c.1974. Rubella production Pig bel Vaccine includes vaccinations in Papua New Guineau.

Folder 11.Wellbutrin - 2 colour negatives of Wellbutrin advertising, 1 for an. report, 1991; the other tablets and bottles of Wellbutrin.

Folder 12.Wellcozyme - colour photo. showing various Wellcozyme anti - HTLV III products.

Folder 13.Wellferon - colour negative advertising Wellferon products- image taken for an. report 1991.

Folder 14.Wellcome Diagnostics (formerly reagents)- Staphaurex- test for S. aureus c. 1968. Dac-cel TSH- thyroid stimulating hormone in colour photography.

Folder 15.Wellcome Industrial Hygiene - 89/38 c. 1982 image of Towelaire Tempest machine , black and white photograph.

Folder 16."Wellcome" - Trade marked products include black and white photographs of Wellcome branded Chloroform; Bismuth Carbonate; Sodium Salicylate; Ergot; Tincture of Gentian; Toilet Lanoline; Tincture of Hyoscyamus; Quinine Sulphate and Belladonna extract.Folder

17.Zovirax - anti-viral agent includes tablet production and promotional material on Zovirax, packaging and products. There is a photograph of the letter relating to the Queen's Award for Technology and Achievement, 1985; molecular structure, and micro photographs with 3 colour negatives.

Folder 18.Zyloric - black and white photographs of Zyloric tablet bottle and its packaging. There is a colour negative of Zyloric for an. report, 1991.

Folder 19.U-Z Folder (where individual folders do not exist) includes the following; Vana - bottle of . on reverse of image is written, 'Indian Medical Diary'.Vaparole - Aromatic Ammonia , black and white photograph.Viroptic - bottled, ophthalmic solution. Black and white photograph.



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