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Admission Papers, 1838-1949; Patient Registers of Lunatics and General Registers, 1839-1962; Indexed to Asylum registers of Lunatics, 1839-1944; Registers of Voluntary and Informal Patients, 1863-1981; Register of Patients Under Compulsory Detention, 1938-1981; Register of Patients (Formal and Informal), 1944-1983; Registers of Discharges and Removals, 1858-1982; Registers of Discharge and Death of Voluntary and Informal Patients, 1884-1983; Registers of Death, 1870-1979; Register of Death and Burial, 1957-1969; Registers of Probation, 1864-1962; Register of Escape 1885-1960; Registers of Restraint and Seclusion, 1858-1973;; Registers of Accidents, 1870-1962; Register of Physical Condition, 1930-1933; Register of X-Rays, 1938-1948; Surgical Records, 1938-1962; Day Book - Treatment and Medication, 1843-1850; Department of Applied Physiology - EEG Records, 1958-1985; Record of Post Mortem Examinations, 1929-1935; Case Books, 1839-1937; Case Files, 1939-1941; Department of Child Psychiatry Patient Records, 1951-c.1999; Out Patient Records, 1946-1984; Patient Statistics, 1848-1983; Notifications of Disease, 1923-1959; Record of Boarders and Obligants Books, 1839-1983; Physician Superintendent's List of Patients, 1909-1916; Board Ledgers, 1945-1966; Parish Books, 1881-1925; C.R.I. Rate-Aided Patients Books, 1931-1948; Patient Ledgers, 1956-1969; Patient's Funds Records, 1958-1987; Patient Journey Book, 1948-1955; Correspondence, Accounts and Personal Papers, 1856-1947.



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Enquiries for reproduction for commercial purposes should be directed to the Archivist, Dumfries and Galloway Archives and Local Studies

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The papers are available at Dumfries and Galloway Archives subject to conditions of UK Data Protection Act 1998, Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and NHS Records Management Code of Practice 2012. Subject to these restrictions, this material is being digitised by the University of Glasgow as part of a Wellcome Trust funded project. Material that is digitised will be accessed freely online through the Wellcome Library catalogue.


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