Notebooks: "PostMortem Records"

Aug 1941-Nov 1947
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Spilsbury, Sir Bernard (1877-1947), Forensic Pathologist
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Notebooks in which Spilsbury recorded post-mortems he conducted in various mortuaries in the London area. In many instances index cards have been inserted but apart from an initial noting of the name, date and nature of the case they are blank, suggesting that the index cards in Section A were extracted from similar notebooks. These notebooks seem to cover dates for which gaps exist among the index cards. The reason for the survival of these particular volumes is not clear. A number of them at some time suffered fire damage, restricted to the exterior.

Most of the volumes have inserted typed or manuscript notes, not apparently by Spilsbury himself, on the cases.

In most cases there is a summary giving place, date, name and age of patient, whether death occurred in presence of anyone else, and cause of death, followed by the detailed record of the post-mortem examination.


Aug 1941-Nov 1947

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15 notebooks

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