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The majority of the collection comprises published reports (as bound volumes) of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories. In addition, there is a printed programme for a "Dinner to Dr Andrew Balfour" (1902, with a seating plan that is informative of Henry Wellcome's strategic alliances within the medical profession at this period), a photograph album of the Laboratories [c.1906], and a more recent file of material (1975) on the mosquito Anopheles wellcomei.

WTRL was founded by Henry Wellcome in 1903, in conjunction with the Government of the Sudan, at Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum, under the Directorship of Dr Andrew Balfour. The buildings were destroyed by fire in May, 1908, and were immediately rebuilt and refurbished at Henry Wellcome's expense. The Laboratories were closed, somewhat abruptly, in 1935 by the Government of the Sudan.



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