Andrew Balfour, "Fourth Report of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial College Khartoum. Volume B - General Science"

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A bound volume (333 pp.), with photographs and illustrations, comprising the following chapters:

"Report of the Chemical Section," by William Beam;
"Experiments on gum production in Kordofan," by E S Edie;
"Preliminary notes on the chemistry of the latex of Calotropis procera," by J Thompson;
"Report of the Entomological Section," by Harold H King;
"A new genus and two new species of Culicidae from the Sudan," by F V Theobald;
"The finches and Weaver Birds of the Sudan, being notes on the group containing the birds injurious to grain crops," by A L Butler;
"Scorpions and allied annulated spiders of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan," by Professor F Werner;
"Notes on two specimens of spitting-snakes from Southern Rhodesia," by Henry Curtis;
"A note on the Sudan Spitting-Snake," by Sir T R Fraser;
"Herpetomonas aspongopi," by W M Aders;
"Ancient gold-mining in the Sudan," by S C Dunn;
"Cult of Nyakang and the divine kings of the Shilluk," by D C Seligmann;
"Some tribal customs in their relation to the medicine and morals of the Nyam-nyam and Gour peoples inhabiting the Bahr-El-Ghazal," by Capt R G Anderson;
"Some municipal engineering problems in the tropics," by W H McLean and G E Hunt.



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