Andrew Balfour, "Third Report of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial College Khartoum"

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A bound volume (477 pp.), signed by C M Wenyon. Small sheet loosely inserted noting distribution of copies. With photographs and illustrations, comprising the following chapters:

"Trypanosomiasis in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan";
"Haemogregarine of the jerboa";
"Haemogregarine of Rhamphiophis rubropunctatus";
"Piroplasmosis in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan";
"Spirochaetosis of Sudanese fowls";
"Routine work";
"Sanitary notes, Khartoum";
"Sleeping sickness and the Bahr-El-Ghazal Province" (extracts from Capt Howard Ensor's report to the Sudan Sleeping Sickness Commission, April, 1908);
"Additional notes, dealing with sleeping sickness in Uganda," by R G Archibald;
"Kala-azar in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan," by S Lyle Cummins;
"Observations on Kala-azar in Kassala Province," by L Bousfield;
"Report of travelling pathologist and protozoologist," by C M Wenyon;
"On some interesting reptiles collected by Dr C M Wenyon on the Upper Nile," by Dr Franz Werner;
"The poisonous snakes of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan," by Dr Franz Werner;
"An account of some helminthes contained in Dr C M Wenyon's collection from the Sudan," by Robert T Leiper;
"Report on economic entomology," by Harold H King;
"New mosquitoes from the Sudan," by Fred V Theobald;
"The healing art as practised by the Dervishes," by Hassan Effendi Zeki;
"The native methods of treatment of diseases in Kassala and neighbourhood," by L Bousfield;
"Additional notes," by Sir R Baron von Slatin Pasha;
"Medical practices nd superstitions amongst the people of Kordofan," by R G Anderson;
"Report upon the physical characters of nilotic negroid tribes," by W Waterston;
"Notes on ethnographical specimens collected by Dr A MacTier Pirrie," by D J Vallance;
"Report of the Chemical Section," by William Beam;
"Notes on the chemistry of Sudan gums," by E S Edie.



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1 volume 1 volume, plus 1 small sheet inserted.

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Select images of this work were taken by the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum: WT/D/1/20/1/43/7 and WT/D/1/20/1/43/6

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