Andrew Balfour, "Fourth Report of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial College Khartoum. Volume A - Medical"

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A bound volume (404 pp.), with photographs and illustrations, comprising the following chapters:

"Sleeping sickness in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan," by Col H B Mathias;
"Animal trypanosomiases in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan," by Capt W B Fry;
"Some observations on Trypanosoma brucei (pecaudi?) ..." by George Buchanan;
"Notes on human spirochaetosis," by Capt L Bousfield;
"The spirochaete of Egyptian relapsing fever";
"Spirochaetosis of Sudanese fowls";
"Fallacies and puzzles in blood examination";
"Remarks on kala-azar in the Kassala and Blue Nile Districts of the Sudan," by Capt L Bousfield;
"Kala-azar Commission to investigate the prevalence and cause of the disease in the Eastern Sudan," by Capt D S B Thomson and Lieut W E Marshall;
"The alkalinity of the blood serum in kala-azar," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Herpetomonas lygaei," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Case of kala-azar treated by '606'," by Andrew Balfour and Capt R G Archibald;
"Two cases of non-ulcerating Oriental Sore, better termed Leishman nodules";
"A case of parasitic granuloma in which developmental forms of Leishmania tropica were present," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Two cases of veldt sore treated by autogenous vaccines";
"Ulcus tropicum";
"Fevers in the Sudan, preliminary note";
"Four cases of pyrexia due to infection with a bacillus of the B Cloacae type, with notes on the vaccine treatment of two of these cases," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Diphtheria in the tropics";
"Some aspects of tropical sanitation";
"Sanitary notes";
"The water-supply of towns in the tropics";
"The presence, type and possible significance of lactose-fermenting bacilli in surface waters and in the faeces of man and certain domestic animals in the Sudan ...," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Experiments on the filtering properties of the zeer," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Human botryomycosis," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Verterinary notes";
"Acid-fast bacilli in the lung of a camel," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Interstitial pneumonia in a camel's lung," by Capt R G Archibald;
"Coccidiosis of the intestine in the goat," by A C Stevenson;
"Miscellaneous notes";
"Routine work".



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