Andrew Balfour, "Second Report of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial College Khartoum"

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A bound volume (255 pp.) with photographs and illustrations, comprising the following chapters:

"Mosquito work in Khartoum and in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan generally";
"Biting and noxious insects other than mosquitoes";
"On some blood-sucking and other Diptera from the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan collected during the year 1905, with descriptions of new species," by Ernest E Austen;
"Report on economic entomology," by Fred V Theobald;
"A haemogregarine of mammals";
"Trypanosomiasis in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan";
"Routine work";
"Report of travelling pathologist and naturalist," by Sheffield Neave;
"Report of the Chemical Section of the Wellcome Research Laboratories, Gordon College, Khartoum," by William Beam.



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