A Moon with a View

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Photograph of a dancer lying on a salt-covered floor. They are wearing gold trouser and a patterned top with muted colours. Their eyes are shut and the dance has made patterns in the salt on the floor.
MAPS by Sivan Rubinstein. © Image by Paul Seaby.

What you’ll do

When Apollo 11 landed in July 1968, the first two people on the moon were able to look back to earth from space. Join us for a weekend of activities, performances and discussion highlighting some of the experiences that impact the health of travellers looking back at their homelands from afar.

You can also drop into the Being Human gallery and discover ‘Refugee Astronaut III’ by Yinka Shonibare. This artwork features a figure in an elaborate spacesuit with a hastily gathered net of possessions. You can reflect on who they are and what has caused their hurried flight.

These events are part of Bloomsbury Festival and you can see the rest of the programme on their website.



    Thursday 17 October 2019

    • Discussion
    • Speech-to-text

    Perspectives on Homelands from Afar

    Reading Room

    Come and listen to three speakers with diverse perspectives on our planet. Hear about space travel, experiences of migration, and consider how we can respond to the mental and physical challenges of life far from home.

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    Friday 18 October 2019

    • Performance

    Active Maps

    The Studio

    Watch or take part in a performance led by choreographer Sivan Rubinstein across a giant map.
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    Saturday 19 October 2019

    • Workshop

    Zine Club

    Reading Room

    Find out what a zine is, browse our zine collection, and make one of your own on the theme of the moon. All materials will be provided.
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    • Workshop
    • 14 to 19-year-olds

    Augmented Reality on the Moon

    The Studio

    Join a workshop where you’ll discover how you can use augmented reality by imagining a trip to the moon.
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    Sunday 20 October 2019

    • Performance


    The Forum

    Watch MAPS, a dance piece reflecting on blurring boundaries, which will be accompanied by live music.
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