Augmented Reality on the Moon

  • Free
  • Workshop
  • 14 to 19-year-olds
Photograph two young women standing in the Youth Studio at Wellcome Collection. Both young women are holding an iPad and smiling. On the iPad screen is an image of two astronauts on the moon.
Saturday Studio augmented reality on the moon, Steven Pocock. Source: Wellcome Collection.

What you’ll do

Join a workshop where you’ll discover how you can use augmented reality (AR) via a trip to the moon.

You can plan a trip to the moon or imagine a lunar place for people to live. Capture 3D scans, explore objects left on the moon and create a lunar museum.

Find out how your imagination and AR tools can help make your vision of the future visible to others.



Need to know


We’ll be in the Studio on level 1. When you enter Wellcome Collection, head up the stairs or take the lift, then follow the signs.

Saturday Studio sign-up

Each workshop has 25 spaces available and you can sign up from 13:30 in the Studio. Places are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’re visiting the museum with a parent, guardian or support worker, they are welcome to drop you off at our Studio. If you’d like someone to support you during the session, just let us know in advance of the session or on the day.

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