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Papers relating to the professional training, medical, scientific and voluntary work of Lionel Sharples Penrose.

Consists of: papers relating to the study of mental disease and crime; papers relating to work for peace, war as a disease and the pathology of crowd behaviour; papers relating to problems in mathematical statistics, including statistics of elections; statistics in psychiatry and biology; reviews and obituaries by Penrose; administrative papers and correspondence relating to institutions where Penrose worked; notes, typescripts, letters and other papers about automatic mechanical self-replication; papers relating to John Burdon Sanderson Haldane; notes and other papers for lectures, broadcasts and talks; papers on psychoanalysis; papers relating to Penrose's work at Cardiff City Mental Hospital, including letters from patients and case notes; papers relating to Penrose's work at the Royal Eastern Counties' Institution, Colchester, including reports, papers in connection with Mental defect (London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1933), reviews of The influence of heredity on disease (London: H K Lewis & Co, 1934), the Colchester Survey: a clinical and genetic study of 1280 cases of mental defect; papers for work on Down's syndrome; papers relating to pyloric stenosis; papers on sex incidence in mental disease and genetic sex-linkage; papers relating to genetic problems in obstetrics; papers on tests to classify and discriminate between normal and psychotic subjects; notes on shock therapy; papers about familial psychosis; data on Huntington's chorea; papers relating to biochemical genetics; papers on genetics and paediatrics; work on the measurement of "fitness"; papers on heterosis and genetic equilibrium; lecture notes and other papers on eugenics; papers relating to the Royal Commission on the law relating to mental illness and mental deficiency; papers and letters on the genetical effects of radiation; papers relating to age, mutation and mental defect; lecture notes on consciousness, time and evolution; typescript papers relating to genetics and medicine, and genetics and psychotic reactions; typescripts for the CIBA foundation symposia, 1957-1965; letters and papers about central nervous system malformations; working papers, notes and letters for a lecture, talk and article on the "porcupine" man; papers relating to dermatoglyphics, the study of the lines forming skin patterns especially on the palms of hands and soles of feet; papers relating to the link between chromosomal anomalies and dermatoglyphic patterns; papers about a new treatment for leukaemia; papers on genetics and human infertility; papers about prosthetics for the mentally handicapped; notebooks on intrafamilial correlations; notes about the limits to growth; notes on amniocentesis and typescript on "Clinical research in subnormality", 1972; list of Penrose's scientific publications for the period 1925-1971; analysis of words in a 16th century manuscript and other notes on a variety of subjects which include gene combinations, chess problems, head measurements, mathematics without variables, Chinese and Japanese characters, and patterns; and some reprints of papers written by others.



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62 boxes plus 4 oversize folders


The papers are divided into subjects and arranged chronologically within each subject.

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Access to some of the material in this section is restricted or closed. See the description of each item for further information.

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A digitised copy is held by the Wellcome Library as part of Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics.

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The original material is held at UCL Special Collections. This catalogue is held by the Wellcome Library as part of Codebreakers: Makers of Modern Genetics.

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