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This is a set of photographic prints taken from the negative collection WF/M/I/BP. The files are arranged in alphabetical order according to subject and represent the most commonly used images from this negative series.

Some prints were marked with the original negative numbers and these have been reproduced in the Previous Numbers field. Where appropriate, the reference number has also been given within the Description. The registers and indices WF/M/I/B/89 to WF/M/I/B/99 can be used to trace specific images using these reference numbers.

'C' preceding a number indicates that it is a colour image, no 'C' indicates black and white.



Physical description

15 boxes

Ownership note

The Beckenham Photograph Studio and Library was established c1945 and was headed by Alan Jones (1945-1983). From 1983-1993 it was headed by Ed Kentish. The Series runs until 1996, at which point the Glaxo and Wellcome Photograph Departments merged - 6 months or so after the actual company merger.

The records were moved to Greenford c.1996 where they were stored in the Records Centre. They were managed by the Image Library based at Greenford - Denis Blandford and Rob Brooks who maintained the system once the series was closed. By 2002 the series was no longer being used and WT was approached for its transfer that took place in Dec 2003.

Rob Brooks had been a WF employee and provided useful information about the history of the series and the finding aids which is given in the main Description.

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