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Predominantly the correspondence between George Edward Pearson and Nevin, although there is material from Henry Wellcome and third parties. The key exceptions are WF/E/10/13 (Survey Reports of the USA and Canada), WF/E/10/15 (a retrospective report written by Dr Kellaway re Experimental Research Labs, Tuckahoe), and WF/E/10/18 (Minutes of the Research Committee).

These items indicate the practical working relationship which existed between London and New York, and between Pearson and Nevin. Pearson and Nevin's letters tend to be precise and so contain much information.

This set of correspondence is not comprehensive - there are internal references to other letters which have not been identified and in some cases it is apparent that the extant letters were part of a longer chain of correspondence.

"Night Letter": USA term referring to a telegram sent at night for a reduced rate.



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It is difficult to determine any previous filing schemes and the items had been arranged into broad subject groups sometime before their transfer to the Wellcome Trust. These groupings have been retained and rationalised.

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