Henry Wellcome to George Pearson re effect of World War I on Burroughs Wellcome & Co

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3 copy letters from Henry Wellcome, in New York, to Pearson: primarily re conditions affecting trading; detailed report of the War Conventions of National Chamber of Commerce USA and American Bankers Association, both attended by Wellcome; labour shortages; increased cost of living; increase in salaries; trade unions; Burroughs Wellcome & Co attitude towards wages; Wellcome's health. 17 October 1917. 10 pages. Annotated and signed.

Copy letter suggesting presentation of motor field laboratory to the American Army Medical Department, one having already been given to the British Army Medical Department. 2 pages. 19 October 1917. Annotated and signed.

Copy letter: Henry Wellcome's assessment of the economic, financial and trading impact of World War I. 4 pages. 4 pages. Dated 20 October 1917.



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