Review of the Research Laboratories [Tuckahoe, New York, USA]...1928-1946

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Report entitled "Review of the Research Laboratories with particular reference to the appointment of directors and staff from the inception of the laboratories in 1928 to December 1946". Dated 15 July 1954. Cover sheet attributes report to Dr C.H.Kellaway. [62 pages, inc 20a-c; 21 a-i; 25 a; 33a]

Detailed report giving a chronological review of appointments of senior staff 1928-1946. Contains information over foundation of the Laboratory and its management; and discussion over the laboratory's purpose (pure research or product development) and the role of research within the Wellcome Foundation generally [see specifically pp20 (a) - 20 (c), reproduction of letter from Bennett to Nevin, 12 August 1941].

The author quotes extensively from contemporary correspondence [originals currently not identified, August 2004], predominantly between T Nevin and George Pearson and T. R. G. Bennett, reproducing some letters verbatim, and sometimes adding his own comments in parentheses.

The report itself contains no indication as to why or for whom it was written. Original archival description states: "by Dr Kellaway [for Fonda?] to determine a management structure, 15 July 1954".

MS marginalia and underlining by unidentified author.

Separate from report, annotated organisation chart of Burroughs Wellcome & Co (USA) Inc Research and Development, May 1949.



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