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Private memo from Pearson to Nevin regarding financing of the Burroughs Wellcome & Co Experimental Research Laboratories [ERL]; the building of an "animal house", a project which had not previously been discussed; the unauthorised recruitment of additional staff and the practice of scientists contributing papers to professional journals. Dated 18 December 1933

Enclosed with letter: report by Dr C.M Wenyon re role and purpose of the laboratory; the academic nature of the work at Tuckahoe;and the practicalities and associated expense of having two research laboratories on two continents. Blue pencil annotations. Dated 21 November 1933.

Copy letter from [? Nevin] to [Pearson] in response to the above, addressing some of the points in detail; and outlining the creation and reasons for ERL. Also, summary of research work by ERL under the headings of Organic Chemistry; and Physiological and Pharmacological Research.

Breakdown of expenses for ERL , 1930-1933.

Photographic copies of line drawing of EFL: a Biophysical Chemistry lab; a chemical laboratory room; an optical apparatus room; the library; and "type of individual research laboratory". c1935.



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A photograph of the Chemical Laboratory Room, Experimental Research Labs, Burroughs Wellcome and Co. Tuckahoe, New York, 1935, is held by Wellcome Images at L0041460

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