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Suggestions for fund-raising by local associations can be found in Section Q.14



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Initially, income from the Jubilee Fund brought in only £2120 per annum and funds from St Katherine's were never received as expected. Benefactors gave large amounts to help in the early years, but expenditure on office administration, salaries and training far outstripped income. Early appeals met with insufficient response, but the Queen's Diamond Jubilee provided the opportunity for a much more successful appeal (see Section G.5)


Subjects covered in this section of the catalogue

Appeals G.9, G.10
Bequests G.2
Berridge Trust G.2/3
Bryn-y-Menai convalescent home for nurses G.2/13, G.3/7
Burgess bequest G.2/5
Centenary Appeal G.10
Cost of Queen's Nurses G.4/8
Cullingworth Trust G.2/16
Cunard, Florence, Bequest G.2/17
Diamond Jubilee Appeal 1947 G.9
Dublin Jubilee Commemoration 1897 G.2/7
Egerton, Lady Mabelle G.5/12
Empire Patriotic League G.6/6
Exhibitions G.5/6
Federated Superannuation Scheme G.7
Fermanagh G.8/5/1
Financial G
Frigout, Miss BC G.2/19
Gibbs, Richard G.2/6
Gifts G.2
Golden Jubilee of the Institute G.1/6
Investments G.3
Irish Women's Memorial Fund G.3
Irwin, Mrs, will G.2/11
Ismay, Mr, gift G.2/10
Lady Margaret Ismay Nurse for Birkenhead G.2/8
Legacies G.2
Long Service Fund G.1/6, G.7
MacGreggor, Mary G.8/5/1
Manning, Mrs, legacy G.2/9
Marsden, Mary G.2/18
Martin Leake, Alice G.4/5
Memoranda re financial matters G.4
Metropolitan Hospital Sunday Fund G.4
National Memorial to Queen Alexandra G.7, G.8
Northern Ireland G.8/5/1
Pension Fund G.1/6
Provident Scheme for Greater London G.1/6
Provident schemes G.1/6
Queen Alexandra's Committee G.5/10-14
Queen Mary's Committee G.5/10-14
Queen's Commemoration Fund (Queen's Fund) G.1, G.5
Queen's Nurses Benefit Fund, E.7/7 G.1/6, G.3/7
Radcliffe Trust (Miss R M Radcliffe) G.2/14
Rathbone, William (VI), A G.2/2
Recruitment G.5/5
Rosenkrantz, Baron Arild G.5/14
Singapore Leper Camp G.8/5/1
Smyth Legacy G.2/4
Staff Pension Fund G.1/6
Tate Fund G.1/6, G.3/6-7
Training G.2/16, G.5/5
Ward, Miss EM G.2/20
Whitworth Trust G.2/2
Women's Memorial to Queen Victoria G.3, G.6

Nursing Associations, Homes and Districts in this section
DNA: District Nursing Association
NA: Nursing Association

Australia (including Tasmania) G.6/6
Birkenhead G.2/8, G.2/10, G.6/5
Bryn-y-Menai G.2/13, G.3/7
Caversham G.2/14
Irish branch G.2/7
Leicester G.2/11
Looe G.6/5
Rotherhithe G.2/9
Silvertown Nurses Home G.2/12
Tranmere G.2/5

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