Pellagra, and about vitamins in general continued (second series)

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Pellagra favoured by hypo-adrenalism: or alcoholism or stomach disease. Re 'secondary pellagra' with melancholia. Case notes with discussion (for comparison). Nicotinic acid for pellagra and other conditions such as delerium tremens. Also (to some extent) re causes and cases of 'European' beriberi; vitamin B deficiency in mothers' milk; infantile beriberi and human milk intoxication due to avitaminosis B. Whole subject of vitamin deficiencies (continued); ambylopia from deficiency of Vitamin B2 complex etc. Vitamin formation by flora of alimentary canal, possibly hindered by sulphonamides. Vitamin B complex and folic acid. True and false 'cardiac beriberi'. Question of nature of 'kwashiorkor' ('infantile pellagra', 'malignant malnutrition'). 'Canine hysteria' and avitaminoses



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