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The collection contains much material of relevance to this work. There are two large, parallel series of case files and reference files (section C) relating to a wide range of conditions, most but not all connected with occupational hazards and many being dermatological or osteopathic, as well as factory visit notes, correspondence, both personal and professional, publications, writings, and audio-visual material.



Physical description

48 boxes 2 o/s folders; 1 o/s box


Divided into sections as follows:

A Personal And Biographical

.1 Personal correspondence 1910-1969

.2 Engagement diaries and address books 1912-1977

.3 Student notebooks 1912-1923

.4 Accounts and visitors' books 1920-1973

.5 Certificates

B General Correspondence 1929-1974

C Case Notes And Reference Files

.1 Case notes 1905-1968

.2 Reference files 1926-1952

D Factory Visits And Travel 1923-1974

.1 Factory visit notebooks and notes 1947-1970

.2 Foreign travel notes and correspondence 1923-1962

.3 Medical Pilgrims notes and correspondence 1934-1974

E Publications And Speeches

.1 Notes for articles, speeches 1950-1970

.2 Correspondence re publications 1935-1973

.3 Publications 1927-1963

F Audio-visual Material

.1-7 Photographs

.8 Lecture slides

.9 Film

.10 Medical illustrations

Acquisition note

These papers were given to the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre in November 1987 by Donald Hunter's daughter, Dr Elizabeth McLean, and son, Dr Peter Hunter. Previously they had been stored at the London Hospital Medical College. Copies of some similar historical notes by Hunter are held by the Royal London Hospital archives, which also holds his student records and those of his wife (MC/S/1/17), and the Medical College pathology museum displays some of his specimens relating to lead and arsenic poisoning. Accession 1903 was received in May 2012 from Dr Peter Hunter and is not yet catalogued.

Biographical note

Donald Hunter was Director of the MRC Department for Research in Industrial Medicine, at the London Hospital, and author of Diseases of Occupations.

Outline of life and career:

1898 Born, London

1915 Student at the London Hospital

1918 Surgeon-probationer RNVR HMS Faulknor

1920 MB BS London


1922 MD London

1923 Member of RCP

1925 Married Mathilde Bugnion

1926 Research fellowship, Harvard

1927 Assistant Physician, London Hospital

1929 FRCP

1930 Goulstonian Lecture, RCP

1933-1963 Curator of London Hospital Medical School Museum

1942 Croonian Lecture, RCP

1943 Director of the MRC Department for Research in Industrial Medicine at the London Hospital

1944 First editor of British Journal of Industrial Medicine

1945 Cutter Lecture

1947 Ernestine Henry Lecture

1950 McIlraith Guest Professor, Sydney

1955 Sims Commonwealth Travelling Professor

Diseases of Occupations published

1957 CBE

Harveian Oration, RCP

1959 Health in Industry published

1960 Hon DIH Society of Apothecaries

1963 Retirement from London Hospital

1963-1967 Middlesex Hospital, lecturing on occupational diseases

1964 Hon FRCPI

1967-1971 Guy's Hospital, lecturing on occupational diseases

1977 Dies

See also obituaries in Munk's Roll, British Medical Journal, Lancet, Journal of Social Occupational Medicine, Times, Daily Telegraph.

Related material

Miscellaneous publications transferred to WIHM printed collections in May 1996. The archives of Medical Pilgrims are also held, SA/PIL.

Terms of use

This collection has been partially catalogued and the catalogued part is available to library members. Some items have access restrictions which are explained in the item-level catalogue records. Requests to view uncatalogued material are considered on a case by case basis. Please contact for more details.

Appraisal note

On arrival the papers were in a reasonable state of order, mainly comprising two large, parallel series of case files and reference files (section C). The other papers included correspondence, both personal and professional, publications, writings, and audio-visual material. Unfortunately Hunter's departmental correspondence appears to be incomplete. Duplicate material and material of a purely personal or family nature was removed and returned to Dr McLean. Two boxes of books from Hunter's library were placed in the printed books department of the Institute Library, and a small number of prints were placed with the Iconographic Department.

Location of duplicates

The following photographs are held by Wellcome Images: PP/HUN/E.1/2, Photograph of nurses talking to Sister on balcony of London Hospital, c.1962, L31466 PP/HUN/F.4, Hands of an artist's colour-maker, 1938, L31200B PP/HUN/F.4, remote handling of isotopes, 1956, L31201B PP/HUN/F.4, frogsuit and helmet worn when clearing cells, Harwell, [1952], L31202B PP/HUN/F.5, Spectacles worn during furnace 'blow-out', 1951, L31198B PP/HUN/F.5, 2 men inhaling oxygen at gas rescue centre, n.d, L31199B

Accruals note

The following is an interim description of material that has been acquired since this collection was catalogued. This description may change when cataloguing takes place in future:

Twelve transfer boxes of material were received in May 2012 (acc.1903), consisting of: Donald Hunter's 'anthology' which contains a year-by-year account of his life, experiences, career, and reactions to world events, 1925-1977; and biographies written by Hunter of well-known individuals, the majority of which are associated with medicine.


Abbreviations used in the list:

BMA British Medical Association

BMJ British Medical Journal

CBE Commander Order of the British Empire

DH Donald Hunter

DIH Diploma in Industrial Health

DSc Doctor of Science

FRCPI Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

FRCP Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

GMC General Medical Council

LH The London Hospital

MB Bachelor of Medicine

MD Doctor of Medicine

MRC Medical Research Council

MRCP Member of the Royal College of Physicians

n.d. no date

RCP Royal College of Physicians

RCPI Royal College of Physicians in Ireland

RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

RSM Royal Society of Medicine

USA United States of America


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