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Records relating entirely to the period after the transfer of the Fund to the NAPT, including those of the Medical Committee and audited accounts, have been listed with the Association's records. The records in this section mainly date from prior to the transfer of the Fund to the Association. The records of the local administration in Davos were kept continuously throughout the transfer and have been kept together in this section.

Biographical note

The Queen Alexandra Sanatorium Fund (QASF) was established in 1922/23, after the sale of the Queen Alexandra Sanatorium, Davos. It assisted tuberculous patients 'of small means' to obtain sanatorium treatment at Davos. Applicants had to be either British or American, and not in an advanced state of the disease. The Fund was administered in London, with a Local Secretary in Davos-Platz. In 1928 the St. Moritz Aid Fund merged with the QASF. In the 1930s the Fund began to offer grants to enable children suffering from tuberculosis or other disorders of the chest to stay at the British Children's Home in Davos. During the Second World War, the Fund continued to assist those already in Switzerland. In May 1950 the QASF decided to hand over, for an experimental period, the day-to-day administration of its work to the NAPT, which was later invited to administer the Fund permanently. In 1954 the QASF and allied Funds were formally transferred to the NAPT. After the transfer, an Honorary Medical Committee of the NAPT was established to recommend patients for benefit, and the NAPT's Social Welfare Secretary, Nancy Overend dealt with correspondence and medical recommendations. A. Lovett was the Local Secretary in Davos at this date.

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For records of the Queen Alexandra Sanatorium see SA/NPT/C. For the administration of the Fund after its transfer to the NAPT see SA/NPT/A, in particular SA/NPT/A/3/13 and SA/NPT/A/3/17.

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