[Title missing: possibly Relation of Tuberculosis to other diseases second series?]

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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[Tuberculosis, renal tuberculosis, unusual manifestations, types, cerebral paratuberculosis,'epituberculosis', therapeutic agents--light, vaccine, BCG; theories of tuberculosis, milk supply and bovine tuberculosis; spread of infection, other conditions for comparison; bacillaemia; tuberculous rheumatism; dementia praecox and tuberculosis; 'Acid and Alkaline diatheses, acidosis and debility'; 'The hypotonic child'; reaction in relation to disease. Syphilis and tuberculosis, the kidney in pulmonary tuberculosis; tuberculosis of systemic arteries, the heart in pulmonary tuberculosis. Relation with alcoholism. Relation to other diseases including diabetes and gout and pregnancy and cancer. Tuberculosis of ovaries, towndweller's lung, silicosis and its relation to tuberculosis. Cases of tuberculosis patients with other diseases, tuberculous endocarditis]



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