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About this work


Persons or organisations featured in this material include:

Sabatini; Rafael

Saint Antoine, Monastere de, San Remo

St Bartholomew's Hospital

St Cyr; Dr J B D

St George's Hospital Medical School

St Luke's Hospital

Sainz; E

Sallent; Jamie & Cotes

Salon, The Grand Palais, Paris

Sanbourne; Linley

Sanchez; Emilio Rey


Sandwith; Dr

Sanitas Company Ltd

Sardesai; Dr N G

Saville; Prof Marshall

Savoire; Dr Camille

Sawyer; Sir James

Sayers; S P

Scarlett Synge; Dr A

Scarliff; W B

Schelenz; H

Schollenberger; Dr H A D

Schopfer; Montreaux

Schor; Rev Samuel

Science Museum; London

Seabra; Alexandre de

Sedivy; Emil

Seely; Dr A C

Selfridge & Co

Selig; Phineas

Semon; Sir Felix

Senior; A

Senior; J

Senior; Robert J

Sexton; Sergeant

Sharma; Thakur Datta

Shaw; -

Short; Sir Frank

Shorted; Dr

Shrubsall; Dr

Silk; Dr J F W

Simmonds; W G

Simonson; T U

Simpson; Sir Alexander

Simpson; M W Hilton

Simpson; Rev T A

Simpson; Prof W S

Sing; Rev E J

Singapore Museum

Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital; Dublin

Skansen Museum; Stockholm

Skinner; Robert P

Slade; Mrs

Slinn; H E

Smiley; J R

Smith; J Cruickshank

Smith; Dr G Purves

Smith; Dr R

Smith; Rev W E

Smithells; Prof

Smyth; F Pilkington

Society of Apothecaries of London

Sodhi; M S

Sonntag; Karl F

Sorab; K

Sorby; H G

Soriano; M S

Spalding; Dr James A

Spence; Alexander

Spicer; Arthur

Au Spinx, Pharmacien, Paris

Spooner; W B

Spoke; Rev J H

Spokes; Peter S

Sprague; Dr Janus S

Square; J Elliot

Squire & Sons

Stables; R Gordon

Stainthorpe; Dr W W

Stanton; -

"Star" Editor


Stein; J B

Stephens; Robert

Stedelijk Museum de Lakencal; Leiden

Stephenson; C

Stephenson; Dr J L

Stevens; C L McCluer

Stevens; W H

Stevenson; Sir T

Steward; W Augustus

Steward; Dr James S

Stewart; Mrs N C

Stockwell; Dr R F

Stoïanoff; Dr P

Stout; Miss E

Stowers; Dr J H

Streeter; C H

Stretton; Dr J L

Stretton; Dr S

Strzyzowski; C

Sturges; Dr A B

Styles; A G

Sutton; Dr Harvey

Swayne; Cal C N

Swedish Medical Society; Stockholm

Swinton; A A Campbell

Sydenham; J T

Sykes; Dr M Carrington

Symons; Rev F W Bennett

Symonds; H

St Thomas's Hospital

Salisbury South Wilts & Blackmore Museum

Scott; Y B

Seamen's Hospital; Greenwich

Shattock; Prof S G

Smith; Dr R W Innes

Skipper; J H

Stead; H

Stedelikj Museum; Amsterdam

Stockholm; Royal Library

Schramm; K R & Co

Sharp; A J



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