Syphilis and Life Assurance (series 2). Syphilis (Generally): its aetiology and archaeology etc

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Questions of latent syphilis (Wartkiln, etc). Diagnosis by Wassermann's reaction, etc. General questions in therapeutics of syphilis (avoidance of innocent infection--including from operations and necropsies). General sexual hygiene and avoidance of sexual diseases. Archaeology and general questions re gonorrhoea. Uleus chancriforme etc (re diagnosis). Spirochaetal diseases other than syphilis. Also affections of the genital organs of various kinds simulating venereal infections. 'Espundia' (Leishmaniasis Americana) re diagnosis. 'Granuloma inguinale' etc. Soft chancre and its rare chronic spreading variety ('ulcus molle serpiginosium'). Also spirochaetosis riverensis, and a kind of chronic meningitis sometimes associated with gonorrhoea and (for comparison) meningococcal epididymitis. Treatment of syphilis by arsenic, antimony, bismuth, potassium etc. Superficial atresiae vulvae (for comparison)



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