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c 1908 - 1940
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This series contains newspaper cuttings relating to explorers, adventurers and others of a similar nature of interest to the firm.

Each volume contains a detailed index, covering most of the major expeditions of the time. These included: * Expeditions relating to new methods of transportation, aviation or 'aerial' projects including the first Atlantic Flight, also those made by bi-planes, sea planes, submarines, and motor cars. Polar expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic were very popular in this period, as were journeys in the surrounding area such as Siberia and Greenland.

* Mountaineering, notably the attempts on Everest and K2.

* Expeditions in the tropics, such as Africa and Brazil.

* Archaological discoveries, particularly in Egypt e.g. Farouk finding a Pharoah. Also smaller finds such as one in Orkney.

* Explorers such as Amundsen, Byrd, Tilma, Ruttledge, Courtauld, Scott, Shackleton, Hanson, and Wilkins. Historical mentions are also made of H M Stanley and Livingstone.

The original indices have been copy-typed, they were then edited [first to put index entries in strict alphabetical order and then to remove duplicate entries]. These have been entered in the individual item descriptions. Although the index is extensive it may not be complete and researchers may wish to look through the microfilm to ensure they have seen all relevant cuttings.

Original items in this series are too fragile to be consulted. Please order the microfilms of the items instead, using the AMS/MF numbers given.


c 1908 - 1940

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