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Internal hydrocephalus etc 1902 [First series]

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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See especially 2nd series for Cerebral sclerosis etc; various kinds of meningitis. For cerebral sclerosis and cerebral diffuse gliosis; tuberous sclerosis of the brain etc--see also notes and cuttings in my notes of 22 Nov 1905 195. For Cerebral Sclerosis and Diffuse Hypertrophy of the Brain and 'Megalencephaly' see also my collection on 'Familial Amaurotic Idiocy' etc. In regard to familial affections with familial hydrocephalus see notes and cuttings in my collection on 'Familial Amaurotic Idiocy etc' (and my collection on cerebral diplegia etc for comparison). For subject of 'cerebral decompression' etc see 2nd series of his collection and also: my German Hospital notes on cases of Th Stevenson (1906) and M Feltz (1903)--in the second series of notes. For 'Meningism' in various diseases (including uraemic condition) see my collection 'Excessive knee-jerks, trepidation, ankle clonus etc' (See also second series). This contains likewise cuttings etc on (1) Hydrocephalus, secondary to various local conditions (2) Spina bifida, hydromyelia, or syringomelia, associated with hydrocephalus in adults. Hydromyelia and hydrocephalus in children in their relation to syringomelia and syringobulbia. Spinal 'dysraphism' (for comparison). (3) Spina bifida, with or without congenital hydrocephalus, especially when associated with multiple congenital deformities. 'Spina bifida occulta' (4) Multiple congenital deformities (5) Various methods of puncture of the lateral ventricle, spinal puncture etc (and accidents connected with spinal puncture etc)--the beneficial results in cases of concussion of the brain and in various diseases and in meningismus etc (6) 'Megalencephaly' and 'Pseudo-hypertrophy of the brain' (7) Some points in regard to cerebro-spinal meningitis. Various kinds of meningitis (including subject of tuberous meningitis) (8) Notes on 'objective pulsating tinnitus' (case of Mrs Schumann) including minor forms of subjective of the same nature (9) Serous meningitis (meningitis serosa)--and 'acute benign lymphocytic meningitis' (10) Cerebral circumscribed meningitis serosa (intracranial 'pseudo-tumours') and recovery from symptoms of intracranial tumour (11) Spinal circumscribed meningitis serosa (spinal 'pseudo-tumours' and recovery from symptoms of spinal tumour (12) Cerebral aplasia and anencephalia--and porencephalus (porencephalia) (13) Tetanus and its treatment {also rabies (for comparison) (14) Meningoceles, encephaloceles etc (15) Various forms of non suppurative meningitis/(16) Various types of sacro-coccygeal agenesia} for comparison with spina bifida. In regard to pathological variations in cerebrospinal fluid see my volume (St Clair Thomson) on cerebrospinal fluid etc. In regard to tuberculous meningitis see also cases of supposed recovery (notes and cuttings) in my ordinary notes (various dates) but especially my volume on 'Traumatic tuberculosis etc--1897'



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