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Various Tavistock documents from 1950s and 1960s. No original order or registered document number could be found on this batch of records, although the records were originally stored amongst other registered documents.

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"The Methodology of a Collaborative Research Project".

"Motivation Research: an appraisal".

P G Herbert, "Socio-technical Unit Design I".

E J Miller, G V Gwynne, "Dependence, Independence and Counter-Dependence in Residential Institutions for Incurables".

"A Department Studies Itself: report of a training experiment in the Technical Service Department".

"Attitudes Relating to the GN Dieselization / Electrification Plans".

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H. Murray, "The Norwich Interval Train Service Census".

"Staflex International: Boards, executives and committees".

"Research into Conditions Leading to Industrial Democracy".

Eric Miller, David Armstrong, "The Influence of Advanced Technology on the Structure of Management Organisation".

Rosemary Cass-Beggs, Frederick Emery, "Industrial Fatigue: a report on the role of food, drinks and sweets in reducing industrial fatigue".



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