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Correspondence between Burroughs and Wellcome, concerning their partnership

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Various letters that address the business partnership of Burroughs and Wellcome, as follows:

6 January, 1879. Snow Hill, London, Burroughs to Wellcome. "I think we would make a pretty lively team in the Pharmaceutical Line." [2 sheets folded]

30 August, 1879. Great Russell Street, London, Burroughs to Wellcome. [2 sheets]

20 October, 1879. Snow Hill, London, Burroughs to Wellcome. [2 sheets folded]

21 October, 1879. Snow Hill, London, Burroughs to Wellcome. [1 sheet]

13 November, 1879. Snow Hill, London, Burroughs to Wellcome. [1 sheet]

7 February, 1880. Snow Hill, London, Burroughs to Wellcome. [2 sheets folded]

30 September, 1880. London. An unsigned promissory note, in Wellcome's hand. "I promise to pay to S M Burroughs... five hundred and fifty pounds Sterling ... at the rate of 10% per annum from the first of Sept. 1880 until paid." [1 sheet]

13 January, 1885. Bristol, a letter fragment on the subject a patent application for "an improved substitute for sponges." Verso, an unsigned note in pencil, in Wellcome's hand: "I will attend any appointment with Mr Stewart though I am bound to say that with your mind made up that Mr W is only to have two-fifths of the profits and his mind equally made up that he is to receive half, I do not anticipate much good of the interview. Meanwhile I will write a brief reply as I do not think it desirable that such a letter should remain unanswered." [1 sheet]

28 July, 1887. Snow Hill Buildings, London, Wellcome to Burroughs. Begins with reference to enclosing a Bank of England note "for one hundred pounds in settlement of all claims and business matters between us prior to the date of our new partnership agreement, namely Sept 1st 1885." The letter concludes with Wellcome earnestly looking forwards to returning to work after a period of illness: "I beg you will not spare me but will throw upon my shoulders a large share of work which I shall cheerfully bear." [5 sheets]

[28 July, 1887]. Draft letter, Burroughs to Wellcome, acknowledging receipt of £100 bank note, but not reciprocating Wellcome's enthusiasm: "I have long feared that your failure to fulfill your partnership obligations would render a dissolution imperative & have now come to the conclusion that this can no longer be avoided or delayed. Under the circumstances I have instructed my solicitors to write to you a letter which you will no doubt receive today." [1 sheet]

28 July, 1887. Copy of previous letter. [1 sheet]

29 July, 1887. Wellcome to Radford & Frankland, acknowledging receipt of their letter of 27 July. "I shall place the letter in the hands of my solicitors...." [1 sheet]

8 March, 1888. Typed statement (marked "Copy") by an anonymous employee of Burroughs Wellcome & Co, beginning: "I was invited by Mr Burroughs up into the private office...." Most of the statement is reprinted in Rhodes James, Henry Wellcome (1994), pp. 157-9. [6 sheets, with underlining and comments in the margins]

22 October, 1889. Snow Hill Buildings, Wellcome to Burroughs, referring to the erection of a new building at Phoenix Mills, notwithstanding Wellcome's objections. [2 sheets]

12 March, 1890. Typescript copy of letter from Wellcome to Burroughs, referring to Burroughs authorising a Dr Smith "to draw cheques on an account opened by him in our name...." [1 sheet]

8 June, 1891. Snow Hill Buildings, Burroughs to Wellcome, referring to "false and slanderous statements". [1 sheet, unsigned, perhaps incomplete]

12 May, 1892. Snow Hill Buildings, Burroughs to Wellcome (typescript copy, unsigned). Burroughs returns a cheque for £10,000 - "I am entitled to reasonable notice before being paid off." [2 sheets]

26 January, 1894. Snow Hill Buildings, Wellcome to Burroughs, concerning the re-arrangement of office space. Includes a plan showing proposed offices for Wellcome and for Burroughs, and an enlarged space for "our correspondence department". [2 sheets]



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