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This is a diverse collection of grey literature and other materials collected by Wellcome staff at various exhibitions and shows with themes relating to medicine, health or wellbeing. Most of the items are printed materials, including flyers, pamphlets, brochures, product catalogues, prospectuses, reports and other publications. Usually, there is a published show guide, providing a useful overview of the event. In general, objects were not included unless they have some informational value (not just illustration of branding). Much of the content is ephemeral in nature, not widely collected by libraries, and likely to be lost to posterity if not deliberately preserved.

This collection is intended for research purposes, not to be regarded as a source of current health or medical information.




Each individual show (i.e. body of materials collected in one location on a given day) is catalogued separately, given the prefix ES, then a 3-letter code for the show and the year in which we collected material (e.g. ES/AUT2014). Within each show, all materials from an organisation are kept together, organised alphabetically by organisation name. In some cases there is an initial high level division by theme or organisation type, then alphabetical order by organisation name. If several shows were co-located in the same venue on the same day, and it was clear which organisations were associated with each show, the materials from each show were kept together; these individual shows were catalogued as separate series within the overarching event section. The main sections and series are as follows:

  • AFA2015: Allergy & Free From and Associated Shows 2015
    • AFA2015/1: Allergy & Free From and Associated Shows 2015 - Show Guide
    • AFA2015/AFF: Allergy & Free From Show 2015
    • AFA2015/LNL: Love Natural Love Organic Show 2015
    • AFA2015/VEG: Just V Show 2015
  • AFA2016: Allergy & Free From and Associated Shows 2016
    • AFA2016/1: Allergy & Free From and Associated Shows 2016 - Show Guide
    • AFA2016/AFF: Allergy & Free From Show 2016
    • AFA2016/LNL: Love Natural Love You Show 2016
    • AFA2016/VEG: Just V Show 2016
  • ALZ2013: Alzheimer's Show 2013
  • ALZ2014: Alzheimer's Show 2014
  • ALZ2015: Alzheimer's Show 2015
  • ALZ2016: Alzheimer's Show 2016
  • AUT2014: Autism Show 2014
  • AUT2015: Autism Show 2015
  • AUT2016: Autism Show 2016
  • HAC2015: Health + Care Show 2015
  • NEU2014: Neurological Rehabilitation and Technology Expo and co-located Shows
    • NEU2014/ART: The Animal Rehabiliation Therapy Expo 2014
    • NEU2014/COP: Chiropractors Osteopaths Physiotherapist Acupuncturists Practise Growth Show 2014
    • NEU2014/EST: Elite Sports Therapy and Medical Rehabilitation Show 2014
    • NEU2014/NRT: Neurological Rehabilitation and Technology Expo 2014
  • UKH2015: Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo and Commissioning in Healthcare 2015
    • UKH2015/A: Show guide Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo and Commissioning in Healthcare 2015
    • UKH2015/B: Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo 2015
    • UKH2015/C: Commissioning in Healthcare 2015
  • UKH2016: UK Health Show 2016
    • UKH2016/A: Show guide UK Health Show 2016
    • UKH2016/B: Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology (HETT) 2016
    • UKH2016/C: Commissioning in Healthcare (CIH) 2016
    • UKH2016/D: Procurement in Healthcare (PIH) 2016
    • UKH2016/E: Estates in Healthcare (EIH) 2016
    • UKH2016/F: Cyber Security in Healthcare (CSIH) 2016
  • Some shows in this collection have not yet been catalogued. Interim descriptions of these shows are provided below. To access uncatalogued material please see the instructions provided in the 'Access conditions' field.
    • ESFER2015: materials collected from the Fertility Show 2015, including grey literature, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, ephemera and product catalogues. Subjects covered include fertility, reproductive technologies including IVF, reproduction, parenthood, childcare, genetics, adoption, childlessness, counseling and support services.

Acquisition note

Most items were picked up in person by Wellcome staff at the events. A few items were sent to the Library by exhibitors afterwards.

Biographical note

Wellcome Library staff have visited a range of exhibitions and shows, and have collected materials provided by exhibitors. We have focused on themes relevant to the study of health in historical and cultural contexts: our aim was to collect materials to enrich and enhance the Library's collections, and to provide a "snapshot" of each event, not to collect every item available. Shows were selected to reflect a range of themes and intended audiences, both public and professional. In some cases we have visited for several consecutive years in order to create a body of materials for comparison over time. Collecting has been carried out from 2013 to 2016.

Terms of use

This collection has been partially catalogued and the catalogued part is available to library members. Some items have access restrictions which are explained in the item-level catalogue records. Requests to view uncatalogued material are considered on a case by case basis. Please contact for more details.

Appraisal note

Selection decisions were made during each event, so that very limited further appraisal was needed on cataloguing. Within each batch of materials, any accidental duplicates were discarded. Where the same items were acquired at different events or in different years, they have been retained to allow for comparison of coverage and to illustrate how long the items may remain in distribution.

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