Lettsom, John Coakley (1744-1815), Physician

  • Lettsom, John Coakley, 1744-1815.
MSS.3245-3249, 5370 and 8684
  • Archives and manuscripts

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Personal papers and correspondence. This includes Lettsom's own collection of papers, consisting of medical papers and pamphlets by him, newspaper cuttings relating to him, or subjects that interested him. Also letters from and to various correspondents, mainly in the medical profession.

The papers reflect his primary interests in 'Quacks and Quackery', clinical medicine, pathology, materia medica, variolation and vaccination. Many relate to the business of the Medical Society of London, of which Lettsom was President.

There is also a fragment of an autobiography of his life as a as a student, MS.3245.



Physical description

5 volumes, 2 files

Acquisition note

Purchased 1906, 1910, 1939; MS.5370 purchased at some time before 1923 by the Wellcome Museum and subsequently transferred to the Library. Letters in MS.8684 purchased from various dealers and sales.

Ownership note

MS.3245 and possibly MS.5370 from the library of Thomas Joseph Pettigrew [1791-1869].

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