Pneumoconiosis of Coal Workers

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Series consists of papers, correspondence, photographs and cassette tapes related to the seminar on "Pneumoconiosis of Coal Workers", which was held at the Wellcome Institute on 9 November 1994. The seminar was part of the Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine meetings also known as the Witness Seminars. Unlike many of the other seminars, the transcript of the full seminar was not published and instead Dr Philip D'Arcy Hart's contribution to the seminar was published in the Social History of Medicine. The published article was, P. D'Arcy Hart, edited and annotated by E. M. Tansey, "Chronic Pulmonary Disease in South Wales Coalmines: An Eye-witness Account of the MRC Surveys (1937–1942)", Social History of Medicine, vol.11, pp459-468, 1998.



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