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The section consists of material related to seminars that were published outside the Wellcome Witness series.

The material held for each seminar includes: original audio tapes of the seminars (in most cases, master plus copy); photograph copies of witnesses and other participants; correspondence, both administrative and between the Twentieth Century Group and witnesses; and programmes and lists of participants. All audio-visual materials (except for third and further copies of tapes), participant lists and programmes have been retained. Drafts with major or significant comments by contributors have also been kept. Routine administrative correspondence, duplicates and drafts with minor corrections have been removed. Copyright assignment forms are also held within the files.



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Within the section material is arranged by seminar.

Each seminar is typically arranged into; general correspondence (typically administrative and organisational correspondence); correspondence with individuals which is arranged alphabetically; clean transcripts; photographic material; and cassette tapes and digital material.

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