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Immunology Correspondence: C

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Alan Frederick Williams (1945-1992): archive
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File of alphabetically arranged correspondence kept by Alan Williams including letters from: Professor Ian Campbell, Docteur Anne Cambon-Thomsen, Dave Campbell, D. A. Cantrell, Dr J. D. Capra, Dr Ingrid Caras, Professor P. R. Carnegie, Dr C. B. Carpenter, Dr Michael C. Carroll, Dr F. Carswell, Professor P. B. Carter, Dr C. Thomas Caskey, Dr G. H. Cassell, Margarida Castell, David Catty, The E. P. A. Cephalosporin Fund, Dr R. Ceredig, V. S. Chadwick, Donald A. Chambers, Dr N. Chao, Dr Verne M. Chapman, Dr Harry M. Charlton, Professor B Charpentier, Miss M. Chatterjee, Dr J. Chin, P. M. Chisholm, Mr Seong Jin Cho and Mr Seung Mo Sung, Dr A. J. Cholewinski, Dr Cyrus Chothia, The Ciba Foundation, CICI Directory of UK Information Services and Products, Dr John Clancy, Dr Mike Clark, Dr Anthony Clark, Professor A. E. Clarke, Leon Cobb, Dr Fred E. Cohen, Dr R. Coffman, Dr Frank Collins, Dr Peter M. Colman, Dr M. Colomb, Beth W. Colombe, George Connel, Andreas Conzelmann, Professor R.R.A. Coombs, Garth J. S. Cooper, Professor Max Cooper, Professor Edwin Cooper, Professor Riccardo Cortese, Richard G. H. Cotton, Gianpietro Corradin, Dr L. Courtney Smith, Dr A. Coutinho, Mrs Nancy Cowell, CRAC, Professor Dorothy H Crawford, Peter Cresswell, I. N. Crispe, Dr D. R. Critchley, Dr D. Chrichton, Dr Carlo M. Croce, Paul Crocker, Professor George A. M. Cross, Dr Stephen Crossling, Colin Crouch, Dr Mike J. Crumpton and Dr Elizabeth Curling.



Physical description

1 file (in two parts)


Alan Williams kept his correspondence in alphabetically arranged files. Individual letter correspondence was also in alphabetical order.

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