Drawings by Heather Spears.

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About this work

Also known as

Previous title, replaced January 2024: Sick children. Pencil drawings by H. Spears, 1985 and 1989


Pencil drawings, mainly of childbirth, with some additional drawings of children injured in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 1989. The drawings and sketches of childbirth provide an intimate portrait of women in labour, the pain and emotion involved, and illustrate the care and involvement of the women's partners and medical professionals.



Physical description

380 drawings, 4 prints : pencil on paper; pencil with coloured chalk on paper

Biographical note

Heather Spears (1934-2021) was a Canadian poet, artist, sculptor and educator, who from 1962 lived in Denmark. Much of her artistic output focused on drawing portraits, particularly of children and childbirth.


Wellcome Collection 650815i

Language note

Some drawings include inscriptions in Danish, Arabic or English.

Ownership note

The drawings were acquired from Heather Spears in 2005. Additional drawings were loaned by the artist to make digital copies publicly available, these were not part of the acquistion and are not held by Wellcome Collection.

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