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Gaddum, Sir John
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Academic Press, Inc Mar 1962.

Ackermann, Prof D Apr 1962.

Adam, Dr Henry Nov 1961.

Aitken, Prof AC Oct 1961.

Albert, Adrian Feb 1964.

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Alstead, Prof S Jan 1964.

Ambache, Dr N Jan 1961-Nov 1964.

American Instrument Company Jul 1959-Feb 1960.

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Anichkov, Prof Serge Viktorovich Dec 1957-Sep 1962.

Animals Sep 1964.

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Ariëns, Prof EJ Jan 1960-Mar 1963.

Armstrong, Desiree Jan 1961.

Aspiotis, Nicholas Feb 1962.

Association of Medical Advisors to the Pharmaceutical Industry Jun-Nov 1959.

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Oct 1960.



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