Clinical coprology (Second series) and examination of stomach etc

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Stomach, intestine - diagnosis, treatment etc. Haematemesis, also of oesophagic origin. Chronic hypertrophic gastritis. New growths of alimentary canal from stomach downwards, including enteroliths, coproliths, Krukenberg ovarian tumours, serous ovarian cysts, cystic ovarian fibromata, endometriosis and endometriomata re germinal epithelia[...]. Also 'Meig's syndrome'. Littre and other forms of hernia (re differential diagnosis). Acute and chronic intussusception cases (and case of spontaneous cure!). Retrograde intussusception. Congenital malformations of alimentary canal and mesentery. (pyloric stenosis) coeliac disease. Persistence of vitello-intestinal tract. Necrotic jejunitis--enteritis necrotica (Darmbrand). Notes of special cases of primary carcinoma of small intestine (I transferred these notes, for comparison, to my collection 'Steatorrhea, sprue, etc'). Acute obstruction of small intestine (various causes). Various forms of chronic or acute intussusception. Cases, reference re Haemorrhagic or ulcerative proctitis or proctocolitis and inflammatory strictures of the rectum (case of Sophie Librowtich, 1922 etc). Nervous and lienteric types of diarrhoea. Crohn's Disease (granuloma of ileo-caec[um?])



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