Colitis, dysentery and (mostly obscure) rectal diseases (also on 'intestinal sand' and obscure rectal pain) and some of their symptoms (1st series)

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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'Paroxysmal' or 'recurrent proctalgia fugax'. Toxaemia and bacteriaemia of intestinal origin. Urinary abnormalities. Neurasthenia, psychasthenia, fatigue, morning debility. Cyanosis, cold extremities. Treatment by purgatives, sour milk etc (see special pamphlets). 'Spastic colon' (also supposed chronic appendicitis) and enterospastic conditions, 'spastic ileus' and spastic 'pseudo-tumours'. Dystenteric amoebic hepatitis and hepatic pulmonary and cerebral abscesses and dystenteric rheumatism and arthritis. Haemorrhoids and haemorrhoids simulated by chronic prolapse of the rectal mucosa. Rectal procidentia. The 'Peeten band'. Pruritis ani. Inflammatory and septic ulcerative strictures of rectum, supposed traumatic and syphilitic, gonorrhoeal, dystenteric and tuberculous. 'Haemorrhagic colitis' and 'Haemorrhagic proctitis' and 'Haemorrhagic rectal erosions' and 'Proctostaxis' FPW and 'colostaxis' FPW. Granular and ulcerative forms of proctitis and proctocolitis -- for rectal strictures and ano-rectal complications of inguinal lymphogranulomatosis (poro-adenitis) (malady of Nicholas and Faurre) see my Hodgkin's Disease collection second series. Symptoms of putrid absorption from the rectum-- persons with fluid faeces, who take a purgative every other day (FPW etc). *Piloidal sinus. [Fa]tal ulcerative colitis in dogs.



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