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About this work


Persons or organisations featured in this material include:

Haddon; Dr John

Hale; G


Halil; Bey

Halim, Pasha, His Highness Said

Hall; S C

Hall; T Lambert

Hallows; S P

Hambley; A G

Hames; G Henry

Hamill; P

Hamilton; Hugh

Hampton; W Coutts

Hancock & Co

Hancock; Frank

Hanfstaengl; Franz

Hankinson; G R

Hanson; H

Hardie; J

Harding; Rev T

Hardwicke; Dr George

Hardy; W B

Harlan; G P

Harle; Miss W

Harper; Dr C R

Harrington; A Lewis

Harris; Walter T

Harrison; Dr

Harrison; Dr H J

Harrison; S G

Hart; Mrs E

Hart; John

Hart; F C

Harvey; ?

Hasche; Dr

Hathaway; J J

Hatherell; W

Hawkins; Stephens & Co

Hay; Professor Matthew

Hayes; Mrs J A

Head; Dr T

Hedman; Karl

Heilman; Dr S P

Hembry; B & Co

Hemmeter; Dr J G

Henchley; A R

Hendy & Co

Henry; Dr Augustine

Henson; Dr W J

Hepburn; D S

Heras; Don Julian de Las

Herbert; Dr Johnson

Herring; Dr H J

Hicks; Frederick J

Higgins; Dr J Haydn

Hill; Dr G W

Hill; Dr L G

Hill; M D

Hill; Rutherford

Hills; A Phillips

Hindley; G A

Hinsdale; Dr Guy

Hobday; Frederick

Hobley; C W

Hodge; Captain E H M

Hodge -

Hodges; Archdeacon G

Hodges; W

Hodgson; A E

Hodson; George

Hogan; Dr P F

Hogg; James

Holding; R E

Holloway; George T

Holmes; D A

Holmes; Sir Richard H

Holt; Dr H M

Holth; Dr med. S

Home Office

Home; Daniel J

Hood; Donald

Hood; Dr Jacombe

Hooker; Dr J S

Hooper; H G

Hopson; M


Hornell; J

Horrocks; W H

Horsburgh; Rev C W

Horsley; Sir Victor

Horsley; Lady

Hos; Dr C

Hose; Rev G S

Hospital & General Contacts Ltd

Houghton; Henry C

Howard; R W

Howard & Sons Ltd

Howden; Alex

Howells; W

Howle; Dr W C

Hoyles; George

Hoyt; Miss J E

Huang; Dr

Huggins; W

Hughes; J Bradley

Huiseh; C H

Hulbert; H J

Hull Royal Infirmary



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