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Fifty-eight letters from scientists to Francis Galton:

Airy, Sir George Biddell

Armstrong, Sir William George , Baron Armstrong of Craigside

Babbage, Charles

Bain, Alexander

Bentham, George

Bowman, Sir William 1st Baronet

Buckland, Francis Trevelyan

Cayley, Arthur

Clerk Maxwell, James

Coleridge, Sir John Duke, 1st Baron Coleridge

Crawfurd, John (2 letters)

Darwin, Charles Robert (2 letters)

Darwin, Sir George Howard (2 letters)

Darwin, Robert Waring

Farr, William

Fergusson, James

Grove, Sir William Robert

Hill, Sir Rowland

Hirst, Thomas Archer

Hodgson, Joseph

Hooker, Sir Joseph Dalton

Hooker, Sir William Jackson

Hopkins, William

Huggins, Sir William

Huxley, Thomas Henry

Jephson, Dr.

Lubbock, John, 1st Baron Avebury

Lyell, Sir Charles, 1st Baronet

North, Marianne (photograph)

Owen, Sir Richard

Paget, Sir James

Phillips, John (1800-1874)

Playfair, Lyon, 1st Baron Playfair of St. Andrews

Ramsay, Sir Andrew Crombie

Sabine, Sir Edward (2 letters)

Sabine, Elisabeth, Lady

Sedgwick, Adam

Simon, Sir John

Smith, Archibald

Smith, Henry John Stephen

Somerville, Mary

Spencer, Herbert

Spottiswoode, William

Stokes, Sir George Gabriel, 1st Baronet

Sylvester, James Joseph

Thomson, William, 1st Baron Kelvin of Largs

Tyndall, John (2 letters)

Vaux, William Sandys Wright( 2 "At Home" cards)

Wallace, Alfred Russell

Watt, James (1736-1819)

Wells, Sir Thomas Spencer, 1st Baronet

Wheatstone, Sir Charles

Whewell, William

Young, John (fl 1750-1820).



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58 items

Biographical note

These letters were originally pasted in a letterbook which was severely damaged and had to be disbound. The letters are now loose and have been arranged alphabetically. Some were presented by Professor Harold E Butler, nephew of Francis Galton's wife, Louisa, and some were purchased.


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