Abnormal flushing, blushing and sweating (2nd series)

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Parkes Weber, Frederick (1863-1962)
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Disturbances of the neurovegetative system, especially climacteric in women: --attacks of 'faintness', flushings etc. 'Sense of impending death'. Angina pectoria, vasomotoria (Nothnagel), vaso-vagal attacks of Gowers [...]. Paroxysmal tachycardia and other cardiac attacks etc. Vasomotor attacks (and vasomotor ataxio of S Solis Cohen). The vegetative nervous system in relation to disease and operative and other treatments. Friedman's 'vasomotor neurosis' symptoms. ''Vascular crises' of Pal, Riesman etc. Angiospasms and angiospastic crises. Organic symptoms (angiospastic or necrotic) connected with disorders of the vegetative (autonomic) nervous system. Papers for comparison re association of emotional factors, autonomic nervous systems and functional nervous disorders, and organic and mental signs of inferiority. Gastric and duodenal ulcers of neurogenic origin. Some cases of so-called functional or hysterical vomiting--also an abnormal constitutional condition of the vegetative nervous system manifested by a special tendency to easy vomiting. 'Pulsating abdominal aorta' etc (Rosenback). 'Darwinic' blotchy flushing etc. Causalgia and the nocifensor. Lesions of Sir Thomas Lewis. ''Vaso-vagal attacks' and 'carotid sinus syncope' and 'ictus laryngeus' and 'carotid sinus convulsions'. The syndrome of pallor and hyperpyrexia. 'Ectosympathoses' and 'endosympathoses'. Myoidema. [some materials on 'striae cutis distensae' in bundle, not mentioned on cover]



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